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10 Product Design (UX/UI) terms businesses should know (Part 1)

When building digital products, especially in the Product Design (UX/UI), many businesses will need clarification with terms such as UX, CX, UX Design, and UI Design;... Let's “decode” these terms with GEEK Up through the article below.

10 Product Design (UX/UI) terms businesses should know (Part 1)

CX (Customer Experience) and UX (User Experience)

CX (Customer Experience) is a customer's entire interaction with a company, services, and products in both online and offline environments.

UX (User Experience) is implicitly understood as the user experience in the online environment (website, mobile app, social network,...).

User experience needs to be seamless and consistent across all online and offline touchpoints.

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, the first touch point on a customer journey could be a store, leaflets, billboards, etc. After the pandemic, these physical touchpoints gradually shifted to social networks, mobile apps, websites, etc.. It can be said that user experience in the online environment (UX) has gradually become the primary experience of customers with businesses, especially with Gen Y & Gen Z.

According to the "2022 Vietnam Customer Experience Excellence Report" report by KPMG 2022, Gen Y & Gen Z are customers who are knowledgeable about the online environment. They prefer personalized & convenient experiences when shopping online. These are strong signals for businesses to quickly enter the race to build user experience (UX) in the digital era.

UX Design and UI Design

- UX Design (User Experience Design) is the process of designing user experiences to help them solve problems, satisfy needs with as little effort as possible, and create a positive feeling through using digital products.

- UI Design (User Interface Design) is the process of designing the user interface that directly affects the user's impression. From the UX Design, we will shape the overall experience and interface with which the user will interact. However, to make the experience more intuitive, attractive, and suitable for the target audience's tastes, we need to cover the experience by a detailed interface that includes elements such as colors, images, charts, and icons.

The close cooperation between UX Design and UI Design will contribute to a useful, convenient and attractive user experience.

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Typically, User-Centered Design will be the guideline for the UX Design and UI Design process. However, at GEEK Up, a design solution is not only aimed at users but also needs to care for many other aspects to help digital products achieve the level of Impactful Product, including:

- Business Goal: What problem is the business trying to solve? What is the value of solving the problem?

- User Experience: Who is the target user that the business wants to target? What will users need to achieve their goals?

- Optimal Technology: Is the solution technologically optimal enough? If so, is the technology cost reasonable enough compared to the benefits?

Impactful Product - The final destination of the journey to build a digital product

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