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Enhance User Experience for Tien Phong Digital Bank





In 2018, TPBank digital financial solutions were developed on more 15 applications (apps), however, these applications were operating individually to serve many financial goals of different user groups. Initially, these applications implemented features, but did not focus on usability, so the experience design (UX) was not optimized. Fragmented experience acrossed multiple apps. The lack of synchronization and consistency prevented users from enjoying the synergistic value of TPBank's entire application ecosystem. With the goal of "How to make personal financial services to become the most convenience", TPBank cooperated with Product Partner GEEK Up to jointly create a "Wow" consistent experience on their application ecosystem through a design standard system.

Our Work

User experience design

Graphic design

Interaction Design

Develop a set of design standards

In order to ensure design consistency and synchronization across TPBank applications, GEEK Up created a set of "Design Standards" (Design System), which synthesized components from designed screens (scenes), such as: forms, buttons, checkboxes, pagination, dialogs (modal),... Especially, the "Platform Guideline" clearly defined the important elements, including navigation, colors, typography, icons, shapes, interactions, and movements.This important document has supported TPBank's partners to develop additional usability features for other applications in the application ecosystem.

Develop a set of design standardsDevelop a set of design standardsDevelop a set of design standards

New interfaces enhance the experience

GEEK Up increased the user experience with completely new interfaces on their application suite: TPBank Mobile (an application provides banking services), Savy (an application assists online savings), TPBank QuickPay (an application supports payments via QR code). These products are all built synchronously in design based on three platforms: iOS, Android, and Website.

New interfaces enhance the experience

The impact


top 1

Vietnam financial application in October, 2020 (TPBank Mobile)

4.9/5 stars

on Google Play with a rating of +12,976 in March, 2021 (Savy)

4.7/5 stars

on App Store with +2,500 rating in March, 2021 (TPBank Quickpay)

Awards & Achievement

Enhance User Experience for Tien Phong Digital Bank

Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine awarded TPBank as the Best Mobile Savings App in Vietnam - Vietnam's Best Mobile Savings App (2019)

Enhance User Experience for Tien Phong Digital Bank

VDCA (Vietnam Digital Communication Association) honored TPBank as an excellent bank in digital transformation (2019)

Enhance User Experience for Tien Phong Digital Bank

IDG Vietnam honored TPBank as a typical digital bank (2019)

Enhance User Experience for Tien Phong Digital Bank

TPBank received three typical awards voted by The Asian Banker (2020): The Best Digital Banking, The Best Saving Account - The Best Savings Product, The Best Branch Innovation - The best innovative network bank in Vietnam.


Leverage partnerships

GEEK Up is continuously trusted by TPBank to cooperate in developing different digital products that have a positive impact on user experience as well as meet the ambitious business goals of enterprises.

Banking and finance is a complicated sector. Especially, digital transformation in this field is even more complicated. There are always questions and problems about business operation and customer's experience to be considered on every steps: how to remain the secure and solid internal operation workflow while providing customers a friendly and easy-to-go experience? These concerns have solved out partially since we cooperate with GEEK Up. With the strong user experience's expertise, GEEK Up has provided sophisticated consultation, flexibly adapted to TPBank requirements, highly commitment to gain deadline. Therefore, we couldn't believe how we could overcome all those obstacles without their presence. What a fruitful outcome! An ecosystem with digital products for fastidious customers in diversified sensitive fields rolled out in less than a year. We totally satisfied with this partner and believe this partnership journey will be a long term plan.

Nam Tran


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