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Our product obsession makes us stand out from the crowd.

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We are your trusted product partner to build innovative digital solutions that boost your business growth.

How we’re different

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Advanced Agile Mindset

At GEEK Up there is not a single project manager. Each of us takes the highest ownership of our work and the projects that we are involved in. Active involvement of senior and junior members in all projects following the agile project management practice fosters strong collaboration and timely informative decision, resulting in works of high standards.

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Trusted Product Partner

We understand that the complication in digital product development might lead to changes during the projects. At GEEK Up, we collaborate closely with our partners, our word for clients, at every stage of the product development journey. Using our agile project management practice, we are able to keep close tracks of such aspects as cost, scope, time, and deliverables in an alignment with our partners.

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Our process starts from partner's vision to build a live product that makes impact

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Product Analysis

Business Research
Product Discovery
Product Definition

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Design Conceptualization

UX Research
UX/UI Ideation
Interaction Design
UX/UI Implementation

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Product Implementation

Technical Architect
Frontend Implementation
Backend Implementation
Mobile Implementation
Product Launch

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Product Operation

Product-User Fit
Product-Business Fit
Product-Market Fit
Product Operations
Product Maintenance

Our team

And over 80 members who all share the same passion for building digital products that really matter.