When they came to us in 2018

With FPT Retail

FPT Retail was a leading consumer electronics retailer, with the backing of FPT Group, Vietnam largest tech company.


They believed that they can use their experience in digital transformation and chain management to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry.


They wanted to create a first-class Mobile Experience for Long Chau Pharmacy customers.

We combine our expertise

in Product Development with Business Insights from FPT Retail to bring a well-crafted mobile experience to Long Chau Pharmacy customers.

Product Analysis

Convert idea & insights from FPT Retail to concrete Product Concept and Feature for Long Chau Pharmacy customer app

Product Design

Transform product concept and user insight from FPT Retail into user-centered mobile design for a first-class customer experience

Product Implementation

Implement a high-performance full-featured mobile app within the timeline to be ready for launch as part of Long Chau Pharmacy expansion

The final product

Was delivered successfully within the timeline to be ready for launch as part of Long Chau Pharmacy expansion in 2018

Mobile-ready experience

Quickly search for near pharmacies to get the medicines they want.

Enhanced quality-of-life

Digitalise paper prescriptions with OCR scan for easy management and monitoring.

Practical functionality

Manage the prescriptions, medical schedules, examinations.

With our track records,

we believe that GEEK Up can be Trusted partner for your digital journey.


FPT Retail

It is not easy to win your customers’ heart and mind if you do not have a well-tailored product that truly adds value to their experiences. And the product team from GEEK Up delivered just that when we were looking for a Digital partner for our expansion to the pharmacy market. We talked & debated our insights, we studied the market, we learned from our customers and we built exactly what they needed. The team came through with a great product on time for our expansion timeline. I highly recommend GEEK Up for their value-oriented mindset & craftsmanship in all things Product!

Bao Ngo - Business Development Director, Director of e-Commerce