When they came to us in 2015

With d2o

d2o had already achieved 80% market share with their signature product d2o PMI


They understood that their users can be better served with a dedicated mobile experience


They saw an opportunity to enhance their product suite with a high-end mobile app to match their ecosystem

We combine our expertise

in Product Development with Business Insights from d2o to delivered a world-class mobile app for their top customers.

Product Analysis

Understand d2o PMI features and value proposition to define concrete Product Feature for PMI mobile app

Product Design

Transform product feature and business insight into an intuitive design for a first-class mobile experience

Product Operations

Maintain high level of operations (roll- out, monitoring, customer support) and gain insights for future innovation

Product Implementation

Implement a high-performance full-featured mobile app ready to be added to d2o ecosystem

The app launch

was a success and paved the way for further partnership with a new project to research and revamp key feature and functionality in PMI.

World-class product

New mobile app serving 63% of the world’s biggest hospitality brands.

Proven method

We proved our ability to work with their team and understand their domain knowledge & insights.

New partnership

Product Analysis & Design package for the next phase of d2o PMI.

With our track records,

we believe that GEEK Up can be Trusted partner for your digital journey.

Testimonial 2


Partnering up with GEEK Up has been a great experience for us. Any kind of product development work was always done in a very strict and high standard way, from website development to sophisticated and complicated product concept & high-performance and easy to use mobile applications. We’ve been impressed not only by the outcome quality but also their professional working process and that really helped us a lot in speeding up the pace for our product team as well.

Geson Perry - Director of Art & Virtual Learning