Digital membership for No.1 fast growing coffee chain in Vietnam
The engaging digital membership with modern, interesting UI and smooth performance that creates great experience. The app drives great sales and even creates a trend of “hearts”, collect points, redeem gift and hunt promotions between customers.
Simple & fun booking app for English class
A hybrid app for students to view available classes and book in advance. The app also has adds-on like watching videos, playing fun games to practice their English. The customized on-boarding illustrations present the features in a friendly and engaging way.
A high-performance website for financial marketing campaign
We built a lean and modern online platforms for Viet Capital Bank’s big marketing campaign which featured clips, games with high performance and great user experience. The campaign remarkably excited customer and raised great brand awareness.
The Canadian International School System
A fresh branding to bring school closer to parents & students
A fresh, modern and attractive website for CISS, a well-known international school system at HCMC. The colorful blocks style make the website look both professional and friendly for kids, parents so they feel more engaging with the school.
Beautifully elegant website for top-brand residential developer
A high performance responsive website with elegant and luxurious feeling for VinaLiving - a trustworthy and top-brand investment group in Vietnam. The design reflects a premium living style and wins trusts from both customer and investors.
Branding website for a luxurious landmark resort-style project
Responsive branding website with elegant, clean design that depicts to the high-class living style of DP Lotus - a luxurious landmark with resort-style. With less menu and beautiful effects, the website delivers the premium feeling target users.
Bring out a powerful high-level project management solution
Wumbo is an all-in-one solution to manage comprehensive high-level real estate projects. With a slick, sci-fi and highly intuitive UI inspired from Tron series, the product differentiates itself and make a huge impact in the market.
Simply elegant layout & highly customized e-commerce website
An attractive, modern and highly intuitive ordering flow designed for Canvas Memoirs, a highly customized e-commerce website for fine art printing service. We also create delight ordering experience by incorporating images and illustrations for faster decision making.
Mobile app for hourly booking at hotel and karaoke shop
Navi is an mobile booking platform that ambitiously aims to win the niche market of hourly booking for hotel and karaoke shop. With simple, easy flow and friendly UI, anonymous login feature, the app was a huge success in the market.
A smart platform to simplify your professional network
Trusted is a smart yet professional networking Mobile app. We were involved from the start, from general concept to competitor research, deep user research by creating persona and user scenario, to ensure the app is useful and delightful for the end-users.
A notebook to remember moments with picture & video
The product concept is to build a notebook that allows users to collect daily photos, videos and visualize as a personal digital dairy. The data is organized and synced between various sources like Facebook, Instagram or to create a seamless experience for users.