Bring out a powerful high-level
project management solution
Bring out a powerful high-level project management solution
2 months
  • Responsive Web Application
  • iOS and Android Application
  • Product Strategy
  • Design
  • Implementation
The brief
Wumbo is made to be the management centre for all the real estate projects. It is broken down to different products, the first one is a project management tool for the development firms, think of tasks, event and files management etc… This project is backed by one of the biggest architecture firm in Australia and the client wants a disruptive approach to the design as well as the product implementation.
UX Research
Traditional way of managing a real-estate project is using many different collaboration tools, this make data scattered and affect the communication between the team. The manager also can’t have a overview of the team performance as well as the project timeline/status.
The challenge of this project is to create a digital product with a big vision and the client wants to include many features. Our product manager has to work closely with the client to understand the current workflow of an architecture company: from getting the brief to assigning tasks and timeline to different teams to finally see their pain points. After gaining this knowledge, we can consult the business owner with a product strategy and roadmap for later phases.
Take Away
The main problem is that the team members have to use different tools in each stage of the project. They use Skype to exchange files and it’s hard to track the changes so they have to name it “file-01”, “file-02” etc… They use another tool called Aconex to work on tasks and planning and this doesn’t adapt well with their needs since the UX is very hard to use. Our client is well known by their slick architecture design so they don’t want their clients to work on a tool like Aconex because they can’t customize their brand there.
Technical & Art Direction
Technical approach
The architecture of this social network application follows the micro-service and CQRS architectural pattern. NodeJS is the main language to develop all services and those communicate to each other via an event-bus using RabbitMQ. This architecture is planned for a huge of amount of concurrent users by scaling-out each micro-service instead of the whole application. This way also helps to save cost and time for scaling system. To reduce risk of database bottleneck, we apply CQRS that all read operations from mobile application have been served by ElasticSearch that has native horizontal scale feature.
Art direction
Foodee is an app that targets young people who love to explore new places and try new dishes. Thus, the design must have a fun and uplifting feeling so they would enjoy using the app in a daily basis. The layout is photographic and the visual noise is reduced by just showing important info so the dishes look more attractive. Every UI element feels friendly and illustrations were customized to enhanced the brand.
Hifi Designs
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Web App
Mobile App
Simply elegant layout & highly
customized e-commerce website
Simply elegant layout & highly customized e-commerce website
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