Bring out a powerful high-level project management solution

SK Futuris is a complex platform for high-level project management that is created from vision of a top company in asset management


Biggest challenge is that we start with big and visionary idea from the founder. The idea can contain multiple product lines and need years of implementation.

The expectation of client is extremely high, he spend a long time choosing suitable design firm that is really capable to consult and design a great product.


We start by spending hours with the founder to really got a shared mindset with him, to understand what he is trying to do and his vision.

We then breakdown the vision in to actionable strategy in term of product implementation.
Spending time with potential users are also the key for getting better user insight


08 months


Product strategy
Product management
UI/UX design
Content strategy
Training & team forming
Technical direction
Web application
Android/ iOS application