Simply elegant layout and highly customized e-commerce website

Canvas Memoirs is a growing business in canvas and fine art printing service.
The company receives most order via website and want to bring out better shopping experience with an elegant layout and highly customized biz flow to hassle-free their process.


With 02 websites for the retailer and wholesaler customers, the company was in difficulty to collect and manage orders.

Every order has its requirement of shape, material, delivering and other customization which makes order and pricing management a real challenge.

Canvas Memoirs also wants to improve user's ordering process and payment to make it easier and quicker.
For website layout, it was old-fashioned style so that the company wants a new styling to express brand value and more attractive.


We need to create a flow to combine 02 sites for 02 users into one and ensure current users can switch from previous sites with no difficulty.

We research and suggest steps of ordering to make it easy and quick by re-arrange steps and develop canvas visualizing and pricing preview to deliver a better user-experience. This also helps to save time for wholesales users on multi-ordering.

The admin panel is analyzed based on business flow and re-arrange to make it easy to use and manage data. Also, well-handled order and product status in production procedure are also improved.

Research insight and propose styling, design concept to bring out a modern, fresh, trustworthy impression to the brand value and customer engagement.


03 months


UI/UX design
Content Strategy
Content Management
E-commerce opensource integration
Responsive Website


We always start design when having a clear understanding about problem and user.

Firstly, we spend our time through several workshops with our client, including product strategy workshop, website content strategy workshop and user experience workshop. Through these workshops, we understand clear problems of current product, why it is not converting and what do we need to improve.

We then start our product and user research which collect current usage data to analyse current user insight and conduct competitor analysis on how our competitor solving the problem, what can we learn from them. All of these data allow us to have a strong foundation for design stage.

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